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Getting to Know You - January 14


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I know that a lot of you (even the gals) are huge football fans. So, the question for today is all about the playoff games. Did your team win??? Also, who do you think will meet in the Super Bowl game?

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As a lot of you know, I'm a huge Colts fan and needless to say, I was really upset by their loss to the Chargers. But, I have to admit that the Colts really didn't play as well as they should/could have. However, I was happy to see Peyton's little brother finally come into his own and take the Giants to the finals. I think that Eli will emerge a much better player once he is able to escape being only the shadow of his big brother. He has always been measured by Peyton's abilities, which is never a good thing for siblings to deal with.

So...at this point, I'm rooting for the Giants, although I really respect Bret Favre and all of his accomplishments. I'm really for anyone that can take down the Patriots (my least favorite team).

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Well like you Ann, Alan and I are huge Manning fans,

so we were happy to see one Manning brother make it

to the next round. Will have to admit, not the Manning we were expecting.

As much as I hate to say it, I do not think anyone

will beat the Patriots, and to me they are public

enemy number 1 :twisted::twisted:

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Ann for me it's the evil empire the Patriots :lol: --been following them since day one. There having a great season and anything short of winning it all will be a disappointment around here.

Hey Rochelle won't be long before football is over and I promise no more football talk to put you to sleep! :P

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The only thing good about yesterdays games was that stinkin Dallas lost. Sorry Katie and Dallas fans. Iam a Eagles fan so I guess that answers that. It just felt so strange and not my nature to root for the Giants, which I did.

Felt bad about brother Peyton losing like that. I really like Peyton I think he is a stand up guy. Tough break against the Chargers.

I am rooting for GB as I really like Bret Favre so I hope they beat the cr*p out of the Giants (now I could flip flop the other way)

I hope Philip Rivers and LaDainian Tomlinson will be okay play against the Pats. If not then I don't see them winning. They have a chance if they(Chargers) are all well.

Even though the PATS were always my 2nd choice (Gillette stadium) I really DO NOT want to see them play the SB... Too much already, need new teams. Maybe Chargers vs. GB... I could live with that.

Ann sorry about the Colts losing, that really was an upset!

Maryanne :wink:

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Well, I was rooting for the Colts - what a disappointment but then I did root for the Giants yesterday so that was good that they won. I feel sorry for Eli always being "peytons younger bro". But - I will flip-flop next weekend and root for Green Bay and even tho I don't necessarily like the Chargers I really need someone to stop the Patriots. I believe no team should go undefeated - its not fair.

Sorry Dallas fans but what was all that crying about from TO??

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I think these are two great matchups...Eli vs. Favre to start. It's common knowledge to any NFC fan that NYG will only go as far as Eli will take them...I think it ends this weekend. Favre rallies his young group to give him one last shot at the super bowl.

In the AFC, LT and Rivers questionable. Even if they played, and played at 200%, and added hall of famers all around them, I don't see them beating the Pats. At this point love them or hate them, they are the best professional football team I've seen in my lifetime.

Super bowl is Pats vs. GB. Pats win, but it will be in question up until the last second. Favre leads what appears to be a game winning drive, leaving Brady less than a minute to comeback, but he manages to do it, dashing Favres hopes of a championship season, and leading the Pats to the best record in NFL history.

No bias here, just the facts as i see them.

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I can't say I'm too in love with the playoffs this year....steelers went out early. I wasn't all that excited before that either, they had an ugly season.

Unfortunately I don't think anyone can touch the Pats, but I'm hoping Green Bay can get them. It would be nice to see Brett go out on top.

Pats definitely have the best season ever, but not sure I can say best team yet. That pesky "cheating" thing is going to be tough to overcome. May take a year or two more of production to prove it wasn't smoke and mirrors.

I saw the very end of the TO clip this morning and all I could think was its fake. Just needs to be in limelight.

Sorry to any Pats or Cowboy fans.

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ok, the whole T.O. crying thing was bizarre...but remember he tried to kill himself when he was first hired by Dallas....

911-ambulance-hospital, etc...

I used to worry everytime he missed a ball that he might try to do himself in again. Seriously.

Might be time to change his meds, huh?

I love my cowboys...but they threw it all away after 13 straight wins...what's up with that?

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Ok, as a very dedicated WI resident I am a die hard Packer fan!! I don't think you can live in WI and not cheer on Farve and the team. I think it may even be illegal!!? :shock:

On a side note I just read Deanna Farve's book and it was great! And that has nothing to do with living in WI. I really would encourage others to read it.


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Well, since it couldn't be the Vikings this year...I will keep cheering on Green Bay (doesn't make sense, I know, but my FIL is a big fan).

I really feel like this season went on around me this year, and I missed it all. Oh well, I'm sure I'll be at a Super Bowl party. I can watch then.


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