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Gratitude - January 16th 2008--Jackie


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Good morning everybody,

Just hitting it lucky

with the weather lately,

still no sunshine except

last Sunday, but when I

have to go out the weather

is at least clear and no

snow storm, that is a reason

to be grateful around here.


He who plants kindness

gathers love

(St. Basil)


Have a good Wednesday

(right date, right day

ok submit!)


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Grateful for Wednesday--half way to Friday!

Grateful for family and friends.

Grateful for a DH who helps get so many things done during the day--the 'upside' of unemployment.

Grateful for a Mom who built a faith in me that I fall back on time and time again for comfort and strength.


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Grateful for my baby sister, Leslie, who "gets me"! I am proud not only to call her sister, but friend as well.

Grateful the wind is no longer raging at 80-100 km and that the snow is not blowing - creating havoc on the roads (apparently it may return tonight, but grateful for the calm of today).

Wishing you all a wonderful day. I hope the skies remain clear for you on your outings Jackie.


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