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Drink Lots of Beer

Patti B

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On our morning news show today, they did a health segment about a new study from Germany that showed that drinking beer can actually slow down cancer. Apparently, there is something in hops that produces an enzyme which aids in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. Additionally,hops is high in anti-oxidants. Interesting!!!

So.... I never liked beer much. I prefer a white zinfindel or a kahlua and cream, but I have a date with a six-pack of brewskis today!!

Bottoms up!!

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60 BEERS is much too much-Especially for a women !!!!!!!!!!!!

We absorb twice as much as men and get twice as drunk. Several young women around here lately have "binged" and have been found dead from alcohol poisoning.


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Well if that's the case (no pun intended) I should be good to go. But then again, thinking about our college days, Col could almost keep up with me, so I'm not certain I believe it. It is an interesting idea, and an excuse to drink.

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