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My Sister's Mom


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I don't have any sisters but I have 3 very close friends that I met when I was in college. I consider them my sisters. A little over a year ago, my sister Carol's mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. She had survived breast cancer many, many years ago. I was the first one Carol called because she knew I had become an expert in an the area we call lung cancer. We have helped each other through the ups and downs of this horrible disease since that time.......test results, waiting for test results, finding out about the side effects of Tarceva, chemo, etc....having to have hospice come in for her mom, having to help her mom plan her funeral and then this week letting her mom know it was ok to go. Her mom leaves behind 3 children with 6 grandbabies all under the age of 4.

I am so sad right now. I am sad for them and I am sad for myself. I know that this will be my reality with my dad someday and its hard to watch her go through it and help her while trying not to think that this is what I will be going through probably sooner rather than later. This just sucks!! Well, I'm going to go take a hot shower and have a good cry while Erin is still napping. Thanks for listening. Please remember Carol, her beautiful mother, Mary and her family in your prayers.


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I'm so sorry, Tammy. It seems once cancer (and LC in particular) creeps into your life, it takes up permanent residence. I know you will be a great comfort and support to Carol. Let us prop you up so you can prop her. I'll say extra prayers for her family and for you to give you strength you need. Be sure to tell mom and dad Fred and I are asking for them. BTW....we checked into the Naval place. We're not eligible. Your dad told Fred, but you know men.....he had to check it out for himself.



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