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Anyone else having dreams about


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their loved one that passed. I have had several dreams about Beverly. Mom said this is because she is trying to comfort me..but the last dream I had about her was not so comforting. I don't remember the exact conversation we had..although I do remember we were face to face talking. She looked like she did before she had cancer. I told her I miss her and she said she misses me too. I asked her what was "he" like..(meaning GOD) and she made a face like "He is tough and you have to mind him", I know it is silly, but that is what I got from it. Also, it was like something sad came over us and I asked her if she could feel that and she said, No..we don't have feelings below the neck. (OK>> I said it was strange.

Anyone know if this may mean something..or have had a similar experience?


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I have had many dreams of Mike. They vary from him looking very healthy to being very ill. In some, I can't touch him and in others I can , but then the dream seems to end. I think so much of it just has to do with the subconcious mind. I haven't really been comforted by my dreams. I am more comforted by remembering things Mike said in the weeks, days and then hours before he died. I'd have to say that my dreams are disturbing.


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Hi Beverly--

I've definitely been having dreams about my dad. In most of the dreams, he's looked healthy (although somehow in my dream, I've known that he's sick...). For the most part though, I wake up feeling both sad and peaceful--peaceful because I got to be with him in my dream--and of course, sad because I miss him so much.

Three days ago, I had a dream and he was sick. We were walking together and I knew he was next to me..but I wasn't focused on him. All of sudden he squeezed my hand really hard--and I knew he was trying to tell me to pay attention to him. And I looked over and I realized he was very sick and walking with eyes closed.

The dream basically put me into a downward spiral for the past several days.

So, I can certainly relate to what you're saying.


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I just realized that I addressed my post to Beverly--instead of Bobby. Stupid mistake--I'm sorry.

But Bobby, one last thing...I do find that through my dreams I am able to process some of the really hard things that happened while my dad was sick...some of those moment that made me just want to lay down on the floor and cry...but I couldn't because my dad was sick and I needed to stay strong.

I am finding that my dreams are forcing me to sit with some of the more excruciating moments of my dad's illness--and make peace with them....so that they don't have quite the same power over me that they did before.

Sorry for my stupid mistake.


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