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Dad's Endoscopy Results


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Well,dad had an endoscopy today and they didn't find anything. I thought that was good news but according to my mom, that means its probably the progression of the cancer that is causing the weight loss. Now, his loss of appetite has something to do with some bloating and constipation issues so I am wondering if it is the cancer or maybe just the combination of meds or the new treatment. Who knows, his cough is getting worse at times but it seems to be only in the evenings. They are trying a couple of avenue to see if one of his meds is doing that also. Maybe we're just all in denial and it is the cancer. I guess only time will tell. We'll just have to wait and see what the scans show in 2 weeks.


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It does sound like good news that they didn't find anything and I'm hoping and praying , as you are, that there is an explanation other than cancer for your Dad's symptoms. There are so many possible reasons for those symptoms. I know Mike had problems with bloating, constipation and lack of appetite throughout his treatments. It was often chemo related. As for cough, there are many reasons for that ,as well. I will keep the prayers coming for simple solutions .



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Everything Katie says could be true. It could very well be the meds and the treatments. Let's try to stay positive and know that we are thinking of him.

I know you will keep us posted. See if he can eat little bits of food at a time. Just keep it next to him. Can he drink milk shakes or smoothies.

I know how scared you are and the wait is the worse. Just know we are here for you.


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