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Getting to Know You - January 18


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Kasey-Ok first go into Photobucket and set up the free account.

Then just hit the browse button to upload a picture from your computer-after it's uploaded copy the IMG code and come here and hit PASTE....

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I am definitely NOT a patient person. Patience is a concept that I can't seem to understand. Most everything I do are things that can be accomplished right after they are started. For instance, I can't clean just one room of my house at a time. I have to keep cleaning until the entire house is done and then I'm too tired to enjoy my efforts. The same thing applies to my crafting. I like projects that can be finished in one step, rather than doing things in stages.

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Boy I wish I was a patient person! Sadly I take after my father,

who didn't have a patient bone in his body, while Mum had the patience of Job. :)

Mum would always say "Patience is a virtue, catch it if you can,

seldom found in woman, never found in man", when she was teasing my father. :)

(what a great looking dog!!!)

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