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what it could be???


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:lol: I just got back from Duke. The brain mets are gone :):),the lungs are stable :lol: .BUT they found some abnormalities in my abdomen. The radiologist told me not to worried.And he was pretty sure that was nothing. But they want to do a PET scan next week.IS SOME OF YOU HAD PROBLEMS WITH THE ABDOMEN?????WHAT COUL IT BE?????? PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.

Hugs & love bucky

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I am truly thrilled about your brain mets and your lungs. Congratulations!

Your abdomen could be nothing much at all -

meaningless irregularities are found on scans all of the time. Your doctor is being cautious. And you know - jump ahead to the worst case scenario and think about what you would do if it WAS something - you'd deal with it, just as you have dealt with everything so far.

Please don't overdo your worry! Please don't spend your time alone worrying about it. Get some of those kids or grandkids, and do something fun and busy.

Next week will come, and you'll deal with the good or not so good - you have so far.

Big hug - - Mary Colleen

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Hi Bucky, great report on lung and brain mets.

My hubby always gets a report that there are 'spots' on his liver. This started in 1992 when he had colon cancer. It scared us half to death back then, but the 'spots' never changed and never amounted to anything.

Once our lung cancer journey started each scan reports 'spots" on the liver and the docs get all excited. We just keep telling them they've been there since at least 1992 and have never changed in size.

It is my hope that this will be nothing more than harmless 'spots' and you'll be able to get on with your life. Please be sure to keep us posted.

Good Luck & God Bless


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Thank you agai for be my big support. Maryanne I did not make it to T Joes. next week.

1st. time in my life with LC that I wont worried & I am not woried. What happend will happen I lost 5 years of my life, just thinking what if?????

Thank you guys, have a god Sunday

hugs bucky

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Okay, I have to be a smart *ss and give you my first answer to your question: What Could It Be? Answer: A Fart! :P:lol::lol::oops::roll::wink:

One thing about lung cancer, it is rare that it spreads to the abdomal area. Not to say it can't, but it is rare.


Brain Mets GONE! HAPPY DANCE! Lungs are STABLE HOORAY BUCKY! IT's a Great Day to Be Alive!

Way to go girlfriend! Way to kick that cancer out of the park! :wink:

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Bucky, I can relate. I had my Dad in the ER right after Christmas and the last thing they did was a chest x-ray. Yup--something suspicious needed a CT scan to be sure. It was two weeks before he could get the scan and we were all terrified, but it turned out to be nothing serious at all. It will be the same for you as well--I just feel it.


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Bucky, I am so happy for your GOOD results! The thing they see on your abdomen could turn out to be nothing.

They thought they saw something on Joel's and it turned out to be nothing.

BREATH DEEP....keep your attitude positive!


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Bucky -

I am thrilled to hear about your brain and lung scan!!! Hooray!!!

The "something" they saw on your abdomen really could be nothing. After several rounds of my original chemo they thought they saw something on the "flap" going into my stomach. They wanted to do a gastroscopy (sp) where they put the tube down into your stomach. But then I was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia and I begged my doc (who also said it was not cancer, just something they wanted to check out) to postpone it since I felt so terribly sick. Well, they did, and the next scan - it was GONE!!! They think it was sort of irritation from the chemo!!!

I know how hard it is to wait and not worry - I am the worst one about that - but please try to take a deep breath and rleax!! We are all in your corner!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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In my original CT where they saw the lung mass, a comment was made by the radiologist about some small areas of low attenuation in the abdomen.

I really don't know that that meant to this day, but on that report, it said that the radiologist was confident that they weren't any cause for concern. They have never been mentioned since.

I know one of the big issues with CT scans is that they bring to attention a lot of harmless things we have inside, but with our "history", they become things that need to be checked out sometimes.

Hoping this is the case for you too.


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Bucky - great news about the test results. Go with the radiologist for now - I like his take on things that it is nothing to worry about as he is pretty sure it is nothing.

Let us know the good results from the PET the moment you get them!

Sending you hugs and prayers,


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I hope you are having a nice weekend Bucky. Congratulations on your good report. I have lesions show up on my liver every scan and I have to tell them that they have been the for 4 years that I know of and they never change. The abdominal stuff is probably nothing.

Don m

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