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Need some prayers (Not LC related)


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Ok everyone, here is the scoop.

My Grandpa (Mom's Dad) is in the hospital with an end stage rare blood cancer. He is also having heart problems. The blood cancer makes his blood thick and his heart is having trouble pumping it. He also had 3 stents put in and will need one more next week. I pray that this procedure takes away the chest pain and makes him more comfortable.

Also, my brother is having a brain MRI tomorrow. Around Thanksgiving time he woke up in the night with what he called, "The worst headache of his life." He said he was vomiting, dizzy, and it was just horrible. He has never had migraines (28 yr. old). I told him to get it checked out immediately as I was afraid he was having a stroke or an aneurism but he refused and said he was fine. He hasn't had any episodes since but told his Dr. about it at his physical today and he recommended an MRI to make sure there was nothing going on. Please pray that it was just stress and nothing more serious! There just can't be anything else so soon.



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