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Long Lost caregiver's Hello

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Hello everyone.

It has been a few months since my last post but I have been busy. I moved with pretty much the clothes on my back to St. Thomas USVI in October of 07. I have taken my retirement 30+ years early and left my stiffling desk job for a drink slinging gig at a beach bar.

its always warm here, no snow, but there is a rainy season. But with a cold salted margarita a little rain can fall and whowould know it.

My sister has had a recourrance of her cancer but she is having surgery in February so I will fly back to be with her then. Since mom and dad passed I have learned a hard lesson to live today like I wont be here tomorrow.

I also found out my 17 year old nephew who went through his own medical crisis last january has started SMOKING and I thought for sure watching his grandparents die from LC would have scared him so much that he never would have though of smoking. So I am playing Auntie tough love and am going to bring him here for his school break and work him like a dog so he never has time or money to smoke.

with my sister falling apart again I have to do whatever I can to keep this boy from one day in his future from getting LC too. I have had enough of that disease to last me forever.

SO if anyone ever takes a cruise or a flight down here. I work for the Palms Court Bar and we serve the best Margaritas this side of Cabo Wabo.

Miss you all and May there be a cure one day soon.


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What a change! I am so glad you checked in with us. You have come a long way from the sadness in your earlier posts. Good luck with the nephew, check in again when you can and let us know how your sister is doing.


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Wow Sounds Great....Good For you for following your dreams....If more people lived like it was their last day this world would be a much better place.

Here's hoping you can get that nephew to quit smoking!

Take Care


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Hey girl, Remember me? I am so happy to hear from you and that you are 'living the dream'. Sounds tempting to me too! Have never been to St. Thomas, but if I ever do, I'll get to your place and have you make me a "shellimacs special", extra strength!

Take care, Cindy

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Hey Girlie!

I admire you for having the guts to pick up and move! I hope the Caribbean is everything you'd hoped it be and more. I visited St. Thomas about 7 years ago and fell in love with it and the locals. Those banana daquiries are really good. It is really nice to get an update on you. I'm so sorry to hear of your sister's reoccurence. Please keep us posted on her and you.

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Hi there Shelley,

This is sooo wierd. I was thinking of you today and wondering how you were doing since you left for the islands,. (little jealous here,) But, ya know if anyone deserves a break and to enjoy life it certainly is you, Shelley, you have been though a lifetime of heartaches.

I am THILLED you are doing so fine. And that nephew of yours better watch is A*s as I know you will kick it... :D

I am sorry for what your sister is going through and I pray that she pulls through this and heals.

Keep in touch from time to time between laying on the beach and sipping margerita's! :D

If me and Joel ever get to St. Thomas we will look you up and better give us a drink on house!!!

Miss you. My hats off to you for just going for it!! :mrgreen:

Maryanne :wink:

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