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Gratitude - January 19th 2008


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Saturday and a day

of rest for the working


Grateful for yesterday,

years that I have medical

appointments during the winter

and always (?? luck) during a

storm, so yesterday no change

the snow storm had started during

the night and was still going on,

but had no problem with the driving

at all just with the dicy parking.

Grateful for the understanding

I get from this surgeon, he knows

that for me the cancer is not as

bad as the treatment so we will keep

the *watch and wait* game going for

one more year, tests for the two cancers

I have will be done and I see him in

August for the results.


A man leaves all kinds of

footprints when he walks

through life.

Some you can see....

Others are invisible,

like the prints he leaves

across other people's lives.

(Margaret Lee Runbeck)


Grateful for all the crows that are

back they know the worst of the winter

is in the past and that spring will be

just around the corner...SPRING!!

Have a good day.


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Grateful for a special friend who started out more of an acquaintance/work colleague, but throughout my cancer journey has become my biggest supporter and confidant. Having dinner with her tonight and going to the movies.

Hey Jackie.........sure wish I could be thankful for the crows :evil: ! We get so many covering our backyard, it reminds one of the movie 'The Birds'!


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Todya, I'm grateful that I will be spending time with little Ella while her mom and dad go out to dinner and a movie. This will probably be their last night out for a while, as the new baby is now due any day (actually due today). The doctor told them on Tuesday that unless she goes into labor this week, they will be inducing labor at 6:00 am on Tuesday, the 22nd. I can't believe I'm going to have two grandchildren by this time next week. All of my person problems with the jobless situation have had me so down that I haven't been thinking of happy things. Seeing little Ella helps bring me out of the depression. We'll be keeping her for several days next week, so I will be on top of the world. I'll keep you all posted on new baby information. We don't know the sex of the baby but do know names. A girl will be Riley Grace and a boy will be Jude Matthew. Please say a prayer that the baby will be healthy!!!

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