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Getting to Know You - January 19


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I adore both Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, so I just couldn't wait to see their new movie, The Bucket List. It was one of those movies that has all the right elements....humor, heart and soul. The movie was all about a list of things you want to do during your life....called a "bucket list."

So...here finally comes the question...lol!!!

What is on your bucket list?

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Go to Australia and New Zealand including going to Hillsong Church.

Visiting a friend in Alaska.

Making Breath of Life a national organization and helping thousands of LC patients in the process.

Holding a grandbaby in my arms someday...not right away, please!

Watching all 3 girls graduate from college.

Giving the 3 girls away in marriage.

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I have lots of things on my list, so I'll just name a few.....

Take painting classes

Travel to Switzerland

Go to Savannah and meet Paula Deen

Drive a race car at the Petty Driving Ex[erience

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I saw the movie last night, and I have to say I cried a lot. Maybe not the best choice for someone with Stage IV lung cancer altho there were many funny parts in it. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman were both great!!!

My bucket list would not include anything for me to actually DO. It would probably be the following:

See my son graduate from high school.

See my son get married and have children.

See my son become a successful adult.

Do you see a theme going on here???

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