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Has anyone heard from Liz13?


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I'm very worried about her.

The last time she emailed me, she was in the hospital with too much fluid around her heart and lungs.... I haven't heard from her since, even though I've emailed.

I've lost/misplaced her cell phone number.

If anyone has any news, I'd appreciate hearing it.


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:cry: I got a call from Liz's Mom this evening. Liz went to heaven yesterday, February 10, 2008. When I went to see her recently after she got the, "There's nothing more we can do talk," her greatest concern was being pain free and not lingering. Liz'z pain was controlled and she did not linger. The biggest problem was trying to keep the fluid out of her lungs. They did send her to hospice with a drain after being hospitalized for some time. Her very loving Mom was with her as she left us. The memorial service is not scheduled yet, as her father has been diagnosed today with cancer and they are waiting to see when his surgery will be scheduled. This is all so very sad.

Liz's mother is a patient in my office and got me in touch with Liz when my sister, Trudy, was diagnosed with lung cancer last July. Liz was Trudy's angel to have sent her to this site. My sister was only sick for 12 weeks before she went to heaven and she found such comfort in all of you. I am forever grateful for Liz and those who comforted Trudy.

Trudy's birthday is tomorrow, February 12th. I was up in MD. over the weekend for a family celebration of her day. It's still very surreal at 3 1/2 months. You are not supposed to have to bury your baby sister. Anyway, at least Liz and Trudy knoow each other in heaven now. Trudy lived in MD. and Liz in FL. Lots of good people are there now!

Love and prayers,


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