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Gratitude - January 21st 2008


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Good Monday morning to all,

start of the week, hope it

will be a good relaxing one

for everybody.

Grateful for the Pub and their

open doors, Kasey and Fred ready

at the bar to take mis drinks

and Teddy the welcoming mascot.

Grateful for the drinks we got

for Geri, Harry and Tina's

father (remembrance)birthday



The best and most beautiful

things in the world cannot be

seen or even touched; they must

be felt with the heart.

(Helen Keller)


Have a good day.


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Jackie - I am so grateful that you get me thinking every day all the things I have to be thankful for (and the list is very long).

Today I am especially grateful for the new friends I have met through this forum. This morning I said a special prayer for Corinne who is having her bronchoscopy today, and for Bruce who has had a difficult journey with chemo so far (both my new buddies).

Ry-enjoy your day at home.

Pat-hugs back at you!

Jackie-glad you enjoyed the Pub and the drinks!


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