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Can't find the MRI Post anymore


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Hey everyone...Found the article below on my companies website today...Looks like Friday is the big day. I remember we were all voting for Sumter in GA. I don't know where they stand anymore, but I'm hopeful.

The ceremony is at my location, and I'm going to make every attempt to get over to see it.

Randy, I remember you taking this under your wing, let me know how we're doing.

January 21, 2008

And the Winner Is . . . “Win an MRI” Contest Award Event on January 25

Come celebrate the “Win an MRI” contest result that will change the lives of a rural community. Join us for the live presentation, snacks, and an employee raffle.

"Win an MRI" Contest Award Event for Malvern employees. On Friday, Siemens awards a free MRI “live” to the hospital of a rural community in need. Malvern employees will view highlights of the contest video entries, humorous and heart-warming, and the actual award ceremonies on a 50" plasma screen. Snacks and an employee raffle (must be present to win) are planned.

"Win an MRI" Contest Award Event

Friday, January 25

1:30 - 2:00 p.m.

Atrium III

The winner of the “Win an MRI” contest will now be able to provide a new level of medical service, allowing patients in the community to receive the diagnostic imaging services they need. Many rural and community hospitals do not have a permanent, on-site MRI system – a cornerstone of diagnostic imaging technology. This means that many patients will often have to drive hours to get needed MRI services.

"Win an MRI" Contest Overview

Hospitals of 180 beds and under were invited to submit videos expressing why their facility deserved to win a MAGNETOM ESSENZA valued at $800,000. Siemens received 101 video entries and in just two months, the contest website received over 2.68 million video viewings and 1.4 million votes. Visit the contest site at www.winanmri.com for more information.

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Much thanks to everyone and I am sure you will here from us after Friday of course. Last check I saw Sumter was Number 1 by almost a 100,000 votes over second place with over 350,000 votes cast total!! WEe thank everyone and will post on Friday the winning announcements!!!

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Hey, Y'all;

We do sooooo appreciate everybody's support through the contest. Barring some weird stuff with the votes, I can't help but believe that we won! I've been waiting with abated breath for Jan. 18 which is when the website said they would announce the winner, then when I log on first thing that morning, it now tells us to join them on Jan 25 for the award ceremony webcast @ 8:00. I'll be at work and our computer security system gives me the big red site when I log on to www.winanmri.com. I bet it is the word "win" that is causing the block.

Anyway, I'm going to try get around that so that I can watch it.

I've heard nothing from the folks at home on the outcome and see nothing in the Americus, GA paper so I guess they're keeping it real quiet. But you can rest assured that I'll update y'all as soon as I know something.

Again, thanks everybody for your support.

Fran (born in Sumter Regional Hospital in 1957)

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