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Getting to Know You - January 21


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I used to never leave home without them, mainly because all I owned were piece of junk cars. Now that mine is newer, I don't. I used to have enough stuff in my trunk to almost completely rebuild an engine on the roadside, even though I wouldn't have known how to do that. That's what they have AAA for.

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Yes, I keep them in my car but would definitely be afraid to try and use them without assistance. If I needed a jump, I would hope someone with knowledge would come along and help me out. As many times as I've watched this done, I still am unsure of the correct way to do this...duh!!!!

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Yes, I do but would call AAA to apply them - I think if you hook them up backward you can do some serious harm to your car!!

When you are married to a long distance truck driver, your trunk is full of all kinds of things - blankets, gloves, hoods, jackets, cables, duct tape, flares..............I have no room for the groceries!!

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