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Ventilator question


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Hi - I am new here.

And if I post this in the wrong section please move it.

My father just has 2 lobes removed on Wednesday via cyber surgery.

He was on the vent for one day and did well.

But two days ago due to fluid in his lungs he had to go back on the vent.

How long does one usually stay on the vent and what are the complications ?

The doc said he could be on it for 5-6 days this time :( .

They have him sedated as well.

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Hi Tappy, I've had very minimal experience with ventilators but my understanding is that one cannot stay on for more than 10 days due to the risk of infection. After that a tracheotomy (sp?) is performed and the patient gets assistance breathing that way. I'm sure others with more direct experience will chime in and let you know all the facts. Good Luck


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Hi Tappy,

In real life I was a Respiratory Therapist. I set up ventilators on people and took care of them. If the fluid is drained, and your dad is breathing on his own sufficiently they will remove the ventilator. A few days will probably not produce any side effects - maybe a sore throat from the tube in his throat. Wendyr is right when she says that there is a risk of infection, and after a week or two if the docs feel that someone cannot come off the ventilator, they do perform a tracheotomy to protect the airway. Tracheotomy is the medical term for putting a hole in your neck (airway) and then they put a tube in there for you to breathe through. If need be someone can stay on indefinitely, but the goal is to get them off as soon as possible! I hope this answers your questions. Hopefully dad will do well and be off the vent in a day or two.

God Bless,


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THANK YOU all for your information.

I dont know what questions to ask at this point.

I had always heard so much bad news about being on a vent - but glad to know they can do the trach if needed.

They do think he has some sort of infection setting in (temp is 100) and they are treating him for that and looking to see what the cause is.

He did have to go back in for a 2nd surgery 4 hours after the lobe removal because of bleeding, so he did loose a lot of blood.

I am trying to be positive, but it is still very scary.

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