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Gratitude - January 22nd 2008.


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Tuesday morning

and snowing.

Grateful the cold snap

is finished, will be able

to enjoy going out again

without wearing to many

layers of clothes.


Today well-lived

makes every yesterday

a dream of happiness,

and every tomorrow a

vision of hope


Have a good day.


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Grateful the minus 27 has been replaced with a much more tolerable minus 5! Snow is on the way, so you and I can watch it fall together Jackie, at opposite ends of the country.

Hope you all enjoyed MLK day yesterday - we don't officially celebrate that wonderful man in Canada but I did take a moment to reflect on the amazing things he accomplished.

Have a good day everyone.


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Grateful to doctors and feeling better, and those magical little pills called 'antibiotics'. Good stuff.

Grateful for more good news on DH's possible job. I finished a novenna to St. Jude on Sunday, and Matt was called before 8:00 am Monday to tentatively offer him his job back. They have to officially post it for 5 days, but hopefully we will be back in business next Monday.

Grateful for hope, and a lifting of the spirits!


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