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Aw, crap!


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Okay had some news about my pleural effusion problem today.

Dr Pickle is now referring me to a thoracic surgeon for a pleurodesis. Seems the only way to stop this SOB (could be taken for the other SOB too :oops: ) is to surgically plug the gap. The draining last week lasted all of a day and a half before the SOB was back, so I guess there's no choice.

I know a whole bunch of people here have had this done since I've been coming here so who's going to give me the inside poop, no half thruths or BS. If it's the pits I want to be prepared and experience has it that dr's don't always give the whole picture (if they even know it).

So that's my question, what does a surgical pleurodesis involve? Is it a painful recovery? How long was your recovery?

No pressure here :wink: , info yesterday will be fine :lol::lol:


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Are they talking the Telc procedure? That I know of, it's not tooooo painful and it does do the trick. Not a cake walk but you need to get it fix.

BUMMER! I know just what your going through. They can never do a telc on me, because I only have one lung. It beats getting drained over and over again.

BUMMER GERI! Wish this wasn't happening to you.

Hang in there my friend. We'll be half in the bag before you know it! :wink:

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Well, Geri, darnitall, ya know :x ! Guess it's back to the hand-wringing for now. I know NOTHING about what you ask, but if I remember correctly reading about it here, not too awful. I certainly hope that will be the end of it for you then. Any path report yet? Seems a LONGGGGGGGGG wait :? ~ but then what else is new?

Sorry to hear this, but glad FINALLY something's going to be done!


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Good luck,

my friend had one done two years

ago I was with her, painful; yes

worth it; yes.

Goal of it is to cause irritation between

the two layers of the covering of the lung

so the bonding is good. Some rolling

around to spread the slurry talc.

Ibuprofen or anti-inflammatory medication

are a good help with the pain.


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Well Ger,

I am with Snowflake (glad to see ya posting Flake) that is exactly what I was thinking.

I am so sorry for all your delimmas which seen to never end :roll: but you will get through this latest hurdle.. it is what it is and this will alliviate your breathing problems once and for all.

The nurses have no idea who they will be dealing with, :shock:

Just ask for good pain meds!

Thinking of you!! (((((GERI)))))


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First off, I am very sorry to hear that you have to have this done. :( My Mom had it done and I'm not gonna lie, it was the worst pain she had ever had including delivering yours truly. Hers was all done bedside. She had had the chest tube for several days prior with lots of bloody drainage apparently due to a large tumor that the onc didn't mention. I didn't know that tumors bled, but they do. The surgeon that put in the tube told us about the tumor and even drew a picture! And the other surgeon that did the pleurodesis mentioned it again when he couldn't get all of the irritant solution in. First he pushed in the bleomycin solution then clamped her chest tube. She had to lay on one side for 30 minutes, then to the other side for 30 minutes and then on her back for 30 minutes. Then they unclamped the tube. She was offered morphine but was afraid to take too much. To begin with, it was painful and hard for her to breathe whenever she laid flat. So that was alot of the problem with her experience.

I would have just said to PM me for details but I forgot my password so I can't update my email address. Sorry if I freaked you out. :oops: When I asked here for info, I didn't get any details.

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I had a pleural effusion When I was first diagnosed in 2005. It was about three forths up the chest wall. Sloan Kettering said that it would not go away by itself, but it did. I have a slight indication of one now. I have started lymphatic massage therapy along with my chemo. It is suppose to help drain the lymph fluids from the system. It is a very light massage. I have no idea if it will help, but it makes since to me. A pleurodesis was never mentioned to me yet. How long have you had it? They drained about a cup out of me to relieve the pain in my shoulder, then the rest went by itself. I hope this helps. It is all I know about it.

Stay positive, :)


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Jan 29th I see the surgeon for a consult, a longer wait than usual really but my Thoraciac Onc at Dartmouth wanted this guy specifically (one head of dept to another?) so I'm panting along for a few more days.

My latest problem seems to a reaction to one of the pills I've been taking since the end of last week........one more medication to add to my "do not take" list :cry: I think we're putting the local pharmacist's kids through school with all the half used prescriptions that litter this house!! :wink::wink::lol:

The recommendation for me is a surgical pleurodocis, no talc just some kind of roughing up instrument to seal this puppy. I'll let you know the details next week, all I know so far is that it's a one night hospital stay and I shall be out for the procedure (thankful for small mercies :lol: )

Have to go now, the brick on the corner of the fireplace makes a great scratching post and my back is crying out for some relief :lol::lol:


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