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More dark clouds behind the Sun


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Haven't posted in a bit -

Dad is in REMISSION!!!!!! This has been a long 13 months.

Now - I am back to square 1. My MIL has been diagnosed with lung cancer with liver mets. She meets with the onc. next week to see what her options are.

How much am I suppose to be able to handle??????

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I'm so sorry Dina,

just take it in bits at a time, a moment at a time...or else it will overwhelm you completely. It's just not fair.

HOpefully there will be some successful options for your MIL and she can reach remission too.

Please keep us updated.

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Well, that is wonderful news about your father! I'm happy about that. I am sorry about your mother-in-laws diagnosis. My experience has been that the older you get, the more concurrent life complications you have. Good luck and I'm sorry you have to go through this again.


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