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Getting to know you- January 23, 2008


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Since Ann is celebrating being a grandma to a new baby, and taking care of Ella...I thought I'd do this one for today.

Here's the ?? Do you have a personal website or blog? If so, here's your chance to share it with us.

(* Hey ya Spammers will be deleted!)

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I have alot of business websites but I have a couple of personal ones I can share.

The Family Scrapbook is at

www.freewebs.com/beansprouts2005 (If you look at it make sure to sign the guestbook!)

and MYSPACE is


(You've got to add me to your friends-list to be able to take a peek at my site)

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My New Myspace. Yes even I am out there. Have not been out there long though so it is still under construction. KAtie you look FABULOUS for a 99 year old woman. ps don't tell Rick! don't wantto get my butt wuooooped!! :shock::lol::lol:

to find me in Cyberspace click here if you dare!!

http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fu ... =320241332

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that stuff sitting on the high-shelf, it's called the cobWEB stuff....


I couldn't resist. There's nothing better than looking over "real" albums with people you love.

Unfortunately my kids are too young to care right now...so I scan and save online.

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No personal sites, but I still have web space for the printing shop which we closed in 2003, so I use that for three community sites that I still maintain:


Central Oahu Caregivers' Support Group, which my wife co-founded in 1997. She also did the monthly newsletter from 1998 through 2006, and I restructured some of the contents to post on the web. Starting in 2007 someone else took over the newsletter, so now all I do is post the PDFs which he gives me. If you want to see what Lani and I looked like in 2003 (she still does), see the article in that year about moving the caregiver library from our printing shop to the local public library. She's also in some other photos in the 2006 section.


About the centennial celebration for Lani's home town, known as the Pineapple Capital of the World (along with other planters, James Dole got his start here in 1900). But in the last several years pineapple production in Hawaii has been drastically cut back in favor of lower-cost production in Thailand and elsewhere. Sound familiar?


Our local Lions club site. Someone else does the bulletin, and I just touch up the photos and post the PDFs.



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I don't have a blog or a myspace. I am sooo low tech that I write in a journal with a pen. I did however buy a domain name today for a walk I am starting in Michigan so...pretty soon we'll have a website. As soon as our date is confirmed I'll post the info.

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