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My sister has been visiting all week from Arizona so I'm touching base while she still sleeps. I slept until 5 am (instead of 4) this morning, yea! It doesn't take much to get me excited these days and my labs really got me up. I get them every two weeks after chemo and that puts me one week before the next infusion. First time 2.3 and a call from the doc to get ahold of some neupogen right away. 2nd time, 4.3. Third time 5.4 and then 8.something a week later at time of infusion! This time, 8.1 two weeks after the infusion and with a really bad cold. Can't wait to see if they're still up when I go to MDACC next week. I am still taking three shots of the neupogen after each infusion but think it's awesome that it just keeps going up or staying up. What do you think?

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That's great! Not having to worry so much about your white count makes it easier on everyone. When I was on the Taxol/Carbo/Avastin routine I went in for a Neulasta shot the day after the infusion -- all 6 cycles. My onc's policy was to give it routinely and not wait until the count was low. Mine stayed up in the normal range throughout my treatment and was almost a non-issue. He was also super-cautious about infection in other ways and I was put on oral antibiotics on 3 separate occasions during my treatment due to skin breaks.



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