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Before going to Wyoming at the end of September to help our son's family bring a new grandaughter into the family I had a routine checkup at my primary care doctor's office. We were both surprised when he felt something abnormal on my prostate. He ordered a colonoscopy with a gastro doctor and a prostate exam with a urologist. I told him I was going to have to buy a new rolodex to keep track of all my doctor's phone numbers.

Everything checked out ok with the colon (got some good pictures for my scrapbook). Yesterday I got the results back from the prostate biopsy. No cancer, just an unusual shape.(He wouldn't let me keep the sonagram pictures because he couldn't make copies) No name for the condition so he told me I shouldn't use his diagnosis as dinner party conversation. I then told him the joke that was posted on the Laughter message board about the three engineers who were arguing about who designed the human body.

It's good to have this site to hear and share dood news.


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