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Prayers for Katie B UPDATE 1/27

Connie B

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UPDATE 1/27/08: Just wanted to ask for continued prayers. I talked to Katie today and she doesn't appear to be getting any better. Adding my prayers to the GET WELL WISHES FOR KATIE! Thanks everyone!



Just wanted to ask all you wonderful people to keep Kaite B in your prayers. She's at home very very sick with pneumonia, sore throat, headache and just all around not feeling good. (Ricky is out of town and she's home alone with the kids) :( She did go to the doctor and they told her she has pneumonia. Say an extra prayer for her to get well if you will please. Thank you.

My prayers are with you Katie. GET WELL SOON!

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Oh Katie, stay under those warm covers and drink some tea. I know Hunter will be a tremendous help to you......he's such a young man. Wish there were someone there to help out. Ya know I would in a heartbeat.

Waiting to hear a positive update real soon.

Thanks, Connie, for the heads up here.


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Sorry you're feeling so bad! This stuff just about has had us all wiped out here in Illinois this winter. I'm glad you have some meds and please take care of it--pneumonia is nothing to mess around with!


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