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Hello All,

I just got the news about my clinical trial. I will be in a Phase I trial. I will be receiving 3 different medications. The first being the study drug and its called ZD6474. It is supposed to be similar to Avastin in that it blocks proteins that support new blood vessels in tumors to grow. It will be a pill and I will take it everyday. The second drug is Gemcitabine. Which is an established drug and is used in NSCLC. It will be infused once a week. The third drug is Capecitabine. This is also an established drug that is used in colorectal and breast cancer. This will also be given to me in pill form once a day. It seems to be a good fit for me seeing the ambiguity of my cancer. Initally it was thought that I had breast cancer but all the pathology pointed toward lung cancer. I think it will give me a good shot to back this beast down. I hope that I can tolerate these drugs as well as I did Carboplatin/Taxol/Avastin. My fear has always been the nausea. I will ask for an arsenal of drugs to help me with that. I need to be in Denver next Wednesday so they can do labs and scans. I will begin my new treatment on Feb. 1st. My attitude has been better lately although it scares the crap out of me to be a guinea pig. It is a leap of faith. I have never been a 000 type of person but when it comes to fighting for my life I will take all the chances I can get. Wish me luck! I will keep you posted on the results.

Take Care,


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Yes, Rachel, sometimes we take chances which may prove to be miracles down the road. That's my story anyway. I wish you the very best of luck with it all. It sounds like a good fit, and hopefully will produce results we are all waiting to hear about. Don't look at it as being a guinea pig.....more like a LC pioneer for all those following in your footsteps. Remember there were those trying tarceva, alimta, and avastin for the first times too and look where we are now with those drugs.

You DESERVE this to work, Rachel. That's what all my prayers will be saying for you. Try to keep your spirits up and let us support you through this very uncertain time.


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My attitude has been better lately although it scares the crap out of me to be a guinea pig.

I do understand the fear here really. As Moderator for clinical trials here for almost 2 years I understand. Have been down that discussion route. BUT PLEASE, ANd I am on 1 knee begging you!! you are not a guineau pig! You are a PIONEER in Lung cancer research. W eneed more people to be healthy and living long enough and diagnosed early enough to be able to participate in trials. I think of it as an Honour and I very much do resppect the decision to commit to this type of a program. YA got me in tears now but good tears :):wink:

Keep us posted. I do hoope and pray that you outlive the trials(YEAHHHHHHHH) and I think that you will outlive them. Thank You so much for this!! ANd I do tell everybody in a trial that!!

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Hi Honey....God Bless you Racheal...I will be praying for you that your trial with work with many many good results...You are a trooper...you can do it...and we will all be rooting and praying for you...Let us know how things progress as it goes along....you go girl!!!!!!!!!


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Will be praying that the trial works for you.

Please don't think of yourself as a guinea pig - you COULD become everyone's hero if this trial proves to be what stops this ugly beast!!! As a lung cancer survivor, I applaud you for doing this for the rest of us!!

Hugs to you - Patti B.

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Rachel, this sounds like an awfully good comination for you and I wish you the very best in holding back the beast and even getting rid of it.

Maurice was a pioneer in a trial for Avastin/Tarceva combination and that protocol is now an accepted 2nd or 3rd line in the treatment of lc.

Please keep us posted. We are all pulling for you. God Bless


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