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Suggestions for Cough Medicine


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My mother has been coughing up some blood and am wondering what any of you may suggest for her to use to help ease the cough.

Her Doctor is not too worried about the blood as she has had bad reactions to the dye (getting sick while lying down on table for scan) I just want to find something that eases her cough as she told me this morning she is using HALLS drops.

I am having problems opening ANY/ALL posts on the SCLC board (and all other boards) so if you could post answer here and maybe also email or pm me at thanks so much..this site has been a plethera of assistance to us since her diagnosis last April


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You may reply on this thread instead of emailimg me as I can open links on husbands computer (but not on my laptop??)

Mom would like a suggestion of something to help releive her coughing.

Doc thinks the blood coming up is due to her getting sick on table and thinks she pulled or torw something - he isnt overly concerned about this.


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John took Tessalon perles during the day (a pill) and that really helped him. At night he took phenagren with codeine cough syrup and then went to codeine pills when the syrup didn't help. The other thing that helps is to simply chew gum-- a CT tech told us that. It keeps you swallowing and helps with the cough.

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Thanks everyone and will inform Mom about the Tessalon perles

The nurse prescribed Tussionex? for her and picked up this afternoon - Mom has not coughed all day, but at least now she has something if she needs it.

Sadly, her deductible for this year has still not reached the 3300 - so she had to pay a pretty penny for it.

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