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MRI Winner Announced


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The winner of the MRI was Lockport Memorial Hospital. Not who we were voting for, but deserving anyway I'm sure. I haven't found any other details yet, such as where the hospital is or by how many votes they won. In addition, I have a lunch conference call that will prevent me from attending the ceremony to get any other details. If I find out more, I'll let you know.

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Good Morning, Voters;

I sincerely do appreciate all the support in the quest for the MRI.

Have been searching diligently all day yesterday and this morning, trying to find some answers as to why our 100,000 plus votes over the next hospital kept us from winning outright. Just curious, really. If you'll notice, Lockport actually came in third on the votes shown on the website prior to the announcement. But HOORAY for them as well as us. One thing we've been told is that the rules indicated that the MRI had to be permanently in place within a certain time frame and our hospital will not be ready unti 2010. I just hope that there weren't any shenanigans with votes.

If I find out anything on the vote issue, I'll pass the info on. 'Til then, again thank you, and contratulations to Lockport. Two needy hospitals won and a huge thank you to Siemens.

Now I've got to go figure out if Blueeye and I know each other since she's (?) from "just down the road" from Americus.

Thanks again,


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