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The new normal...


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Five years ago today, the bottom fell out of my world. I received a diagnosis I surely wasn't expecting and my life went into free fall. I didn't know how to go on, but put one foot in front of the other...

...and here I am, still putting one foot in front of the other five years later. Who would have thought?

I'm so glad I found this place, a safe haven when the flying monkeys start swarming in my brain. I still have my flashlight and baseball bat for the monsters under the bed, because those monsters are still there (they think I don't know this). They don't crawl out as often, but I know I'll be dealing with them for the next month as I wait for my five year check for the official verdict from my oncologist.

Five years - WOW!

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Oh Becky............FIVE years!!!!! You know we'll all be waiting to hear the 'official' good news when you receive it. Because of you, I went and bought my very own flashlight and baseball bat. Your tips over the years have been a tremendous help to me.....and many others for sure.

May you continue for 5 times those 5 years and more on top of that. Thanks for all your contributions, wisdom, wit, common sense, and friendship to so many on this board. May this month pass wih no sign of monsters.

Your friend,


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Becky - congratulations on 5 years! I know the journey has been difficult and I am so happy for you.

I can certainly relate to the diagnosis that sends your world spinning and I too, still have those nasty thoughts invade my head from time to time. Thanks for sharing and letting me know the fear is normal and will perhaps lessen with time. I believe I will have to get a flashlight and baseball bat (following you just like Kasey did) for the times those thoughts invade my head.

Cheers to many, many, many more happy years Becky! In one month you will have the official verdict and we will be right there to celebrate the good news with you!!!


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SNOWFLAKE....Kudo's to you my friend....5 years???

Wow!!!!!!! and many many many more years to follow...

I'm going out to buy a flashlight and baseball bat too...oh wait...I have a flashlight..just need the bat...I am just a little pass 3 years and Praise God for that...looking forward to 5 years and many more..

Good Luck Becky...we will be waiting to hear the good news...and come back more often...I have missed you here...


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I am thinking ROAD TRIP! There must be some trouble we could get into someplace to celebrate this milestone. Maybe harassing Bruce at Dollywood, maybe a cross country trip-- where is that bus??? I am thrilled for you-- just thrilled.


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OH my GOSH!! I knew I came on here for something tonight, and it is still Monday so I am NOT late in wishing you congratulations! :lol:

Congratulations on the 5 years Becky! Can you believe it?? We are still here and kickin!

And by the way, I second that road trip, and add on a trip to the tatto parlor for some celebratory tattoos! :wink:

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Hi Snowflake

Good for you reaching 5 years. I fully understand how you feel as I am approaching 5 years as a prostate cancer survivor and now 2 months as a lung cancer survivor. Inez and I are both thankful for each day that we awake and look into each other's eyes. Keep fighting, keep positive and never, never give up. A positive attitude can help to find a positive result. Continue a wonderful life.

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