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Getting to Know You - January 28


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This did happen to me about 7 years ago. I actually did ask my friend and she denied it - until I repeated the conversation I was told (another friend overheard her in the bank line up). She blushed and apologized profusely. The friendship was never quite the same after and has now become once a year Christmas cards.

This was a friend who always spoke about other people and I had commented many times prior to this incident that I didn't wish to hear gossip about others. She told me after our fall out that I taught her a valuable lesson about speaking ill of others and that she simply did it because she was jealous and doesn't have a great deal of self esteem. Lessons learned for both of us. I now steer clear of those who speak behind others backs constantly - it just doesn't bode well for friendship.

Sorry so long winded, but that was my story.


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Prior to being diagnosed, I was always the kind that would definitely confront someone, and probably cause a scene. But now, there are much more important things to worry about. I would probably open my mouth, though, if someone said something negative about my son.

Patti B.

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Well it happened to me and I stewed about for about a week then just had to confront the 'friend'

She denied everything, but when I challenged her to go with me to meet with the person who relayed the incident to me, she knew further denying was impossible and it was the end of our friendship.

This person had always shown a lot of jealousy towards me & I frankly was glad to be rid of her and her petty ways.


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now now Snow :twisted:

At first I probably would not say anything, but I know it would eat me up inside. So I probably would ask after awhile.

It would be better to ask right from the geckgo, but I keep things in until they blister... Don't know why... whatever.

Maryanne :wink:

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