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PET scan Monday


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My mother in law is scheduled for her PET scan Monday. She seems to think that there is already cancer in the ribs based on the X-ray. I'm sure that this is not good news. Will an X-ray show cancer like this? If so, why did they send her for a CT and then the scope? Wouldn't it have been better to just go for the PET scan right away and skip these? It's been at least 4 weeks since she had the X-ray.

In checking the internet, the U of Chicago kept coming up as a good place to go. I made some calls today and was able to get her an appointment on Wednesday. I'm hoping that this is the right place for her to go. We've only dealt with their pediatric departments for our daughter and have been pleased.

Waiting and not knowing is just so hard. No one has said what stage it is but if it's already in the ribs I'm guessing that it's a later stage. Would she have any symptoms (pain, problems breathing...) if it is advanced? I know that I'm talking in circles and not making much sence.

Any advice is appreciated.

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I don't have much advice for you but I noticed that your post was "buried" in the pile and wanted to make sure to wish you and your mother-in-law luck on Monday.

I know in my situation, I went through the whole fiasco...xray, cat scan, Pet Scan. And then Cat Scan again 2 months later to see if the nodule was growing because the Pet Scan hadn't really shown anything malignant because of the size of the nodule. It was crazy!!!

At least they are giving her the Pet Scan on Monday and one way or another, you will soon have your answers. Again, I wish you lots of luck and will be looking for your updates!!

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Did an onc tell your mom she had bone cancer based on the x-ray. They said my husband had bone cancer in his rib area based on a ct but after taking radiation and some others checking his scans out, the pain was probably from the cutting out parts of three ribs in order to get the lung out.

Hopefully the PET will be the test that will see what is going on inside her body. Good Luck.

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