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Anyone want to recommend a book or books for those grieving ?

The last time I recommended a book it was "Always too soon" for those who have lost both parents.

If you read my post...take note that I said..."even though I have only lost ONE parent, this is a good book"....my mom suddenly passed away 17 days later!


So I no longer recommend anything.....

Let us know what books and types of reading may have helped you during this time.

Thanks in advance.

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Great post, Katie. (Glad you're up and about again!)

I have two books that brought me comfort. I have a stack I haven't been able to read yet.

1. "Roses in December" by Marilyn Willett Heavinlin. This was written by a women who suffered multiple losses, but the loss that sparked the book was that of her teenage son. I liked it, because it was raw and honest. I read it cover to cover (it's short) about 2 weeks after losing Bill.

2. "My Companion Through Grief" by Gary Kinnaman. I like this book because it's a compilation of topics and authors. Again, honest and raw.

Both of the above books are Christians books. As long as we're recommending, I find The Bible my greatest source of comfort.

Last night a woman in my grief group had bought us all a book called, "Love You, Mean It" by Patricia Carrington, Julia Collins, Claudia Gerbasi, and Ann Haynes. I started it, and I think it's going to be good. It's a book written by 4 women who lost their husbands on 911. They formed a "Widows Club." This book is the story of their journey together over several years, and how they helped each other find hope for the future.

Looking forward to hearing other recommendations. If this post grows, it would be great to make it a stiky so new people always see the resources that others recommend.

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I recently read "90 Minutes in Heaven" and "Embraced by the Light". They both are about near death experiences in which these people claim to have visited Heaven and returned to Earth to tell about it. I have always been skeptical of near death experiences but since mom died I am so cuious about what Heaven might be like that I read these books. "Embraced by the Light" was almost entirely about her experience in Heaven and actually talking with Jesus whereas the other book only had about 1 chapter about being at the gates of Heaven. "Embraced by the Light" had parts that were a little out there but for the most part it is exactly what my vision for Heaven would be. I think it will be a perfect Earth. She describes the "spirit world" as being like a perfect picture and the Earth world as the dark negative. Everything in Heaven is so much more brilliant than anything we have ever seen here. I still don't know if I believe everything I read. I guess we will only know when we get there. They were both good reads and I read them each in a day. I would be interested to hear what anyone else thought of the books!

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I read 90 Minutes in Heaven. My niece had bought it for Bill for his birthday. He died the day before his birthday, so I opened it when we celebrated his birthday the following day. I read it trying to find out where he was. I was disappointed at first, because I was only reading it trying to learn about Bill! I almost put it down, but I continued. I was then just amazed at this man's perseverance through life and his honesty and his eventual ability to see how he could use his pain to help others, and decided that was actually the lesson I needed to take from it.

I also finished Love You, Mean It yesterday. I read it all the way through (300+ pages). Something I haven't done in years. I'm battling a cold at the moment, so that was my excuse to sit and read all day. It really shows the importance of support groups and having people in your life who truly get what you're going through, and who can hold your hand through the valleys. It also demonstrates how grief really is an individual process. This book is very specific to widows, or people who have widows in their life -- particularly young ones.

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Finding the Light In cancers shadow. Was not a really grieving book but more of a pick me up about Dealing with cancer. Lynne (sp) Eib is an oncology nurse who also runs an onmline prayer group and is also an oncology nurse. What a combo Huh!!! Just really felt better after reading the book though.

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Hello all,

Thanks for all the recommendations. I am always looking for another resource to help me and my family along this painful process. I really found comfort in the book, "A Grace Disguised" by Jerry Sittser. It helped me realize that people can indeed come out the other side after such a tragic loss as this author had. We will make it through.


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