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Gratitude - January 30th 2008


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Wednesday middle of the week,

grateful that the ice storm

expected was minimal around here.

From Thomas Kinkade

*I heartily believe in the power

of prayers and in its ability to add

light to the canvas of our daily existence.

But prayer should be more than a few minutes

of concious thought set aside at the beginning

or end of the day.

When we develop a loving relationship

with God, the way we live our very lives

becomes a prayer.

The result od such a prayerful relationship

is a level of joy unattainable on a physical



Prayer is not a substitude for work,

thinking, watching,suffering, or giving;

prayer is a support for all other efforts

(George Buttrick)


Have a good day.


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Today I'm very grateful that I have the family that I have and that in my many moves around this continent I have made some irreplaceable friends.

Richard needs to go back to VT a few times in February and I have 2 friends in Toronto who will be flying in for a week each to take care of things so that Richard can go do what he needs to do without worrying about me.

These two helped with our move and one flew in for our walk when the other one couldn't drive with her, I am truly blessed. My family is taking such good care of me (my daughter says it's just my turn for a change!) and I have some of the most loyal loving friends a person could ever wish for.... they're spread out all over North America but come running whenever needed. :):)

I'm grateful for this everyday, not just on January 30th :D:D

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