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Is a factory to blame?


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Hello everyone! I have a question? I have work in a factory for 21 yrs. I'm around alot of chemicals. My Dr. and me looked up one of the chemicals online. It would not let us see the side effects it caused. He told me I could look into it but his jesters lead me to believe I wouldn't get very far. In the past 5 yrs. 7 people have cancer 2 have died. My question is has anyone heard of suing a factory and winning? There are about 1100 employees there and about half knows me. Everyone is pushing me to look into this because I'm a 40 yearold nonsmoker. Thanks for listening.


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I also find this interesting and would like to know if you have lung issues too.

My husband was exposed to a known lung carcinogen, diesel fumes, during his career. He was a former-smoker, so that threw any thoughts of questioning the safety of the environment to the wind. You are a never-smoker. Might make a difference. Overall, if the company meets OSHA/EPA requirements, it's probably a moot point. A well placed phone call to OSHA/EPA might at least bring some re-investigation into the company.

Good luck,


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