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Thanks to all that answered my question about hospice. My mother signed all of the paper work but doesn't know why she needs it. When I asked the nurse about the "time frame" she said two weeks to two monthes and that it was a very aggressive tumor. It's so hard to believe, mom seems to have a little more energy now. The nurse said liquid morphine and pain killers will do that. She only sleeps about 5 hours a night. Is this normal? I don't know what to expect in the near future and have no family support. Any advice?

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Yes first of all throw that 2 weeks to 2 months out the door. They don't know how long anymore than I do!

No meds for me perfectly healthy and i sleep 6 hours a nite so...

My advice is this; do what you enjoy doing with mom. spend as much quality time wiht her talking and enjoying the comapany and see where and when things go from here.

Just my 2 cents though so, prayers and Hugs for you and mom..

Spend the days the way that you two want to spend them. If you sit around crying and boo hoo hooing, then you have already let the cancer win. and thats not a good thing in any condition.

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Hi Honey...prayers go up for you and your Mom...and forget about what the doctor said...'what's he know?????...grrrrrrr....

Take the good advice from Katie and reach out for support...friends...church...neighbor's etc...be strong and keep the faith....


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