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Oncologist died from cancer


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I so admired my oncologist. His name was Dr. Loren Feldman and he passed away Monday, Nov. 10th from cancer. He was very special. His compassion was obviously notches above the rest of the doctors as he knew this subject from the inside and outside. He was only 51 and found himself at the age of 42 with renal cancer. After having his kidney removed, he went into remission for 3 years. For the last several years, he's had mets to his lung, hip, and spine. All the while, through chemo, radiation, operations. he rallied back so he could care for us, his patients.

He had spinal surgery done 2 months ago to remove a malignancy in the spine. I saw him 2 weeks ago back at work. Apparently, the lungs filled with fluid over the week-end. He asked for no extraordinary measures to be taken.

It is such a loss for human kind. I saw him as a role model, teacher, friend, and healer. I already miss you terrible, Dr. Feldman. I hope you are resting in peace now my handsome doctor.



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That was really a lovely tribute to your brave doctor. It must've took extraordinary strength and will to continue his work - caring for all his cancer patients - while he struggled along with them. He could never leave his job at home - like some doctors can - and have to - to keep some healthy balance.

A few years ago, a beloved local Gen.Practiciner died of cancer - and most of his patients never knew how sick he was. He was also fairly young, and left behind a wife and young children.

I'll remember your doctor in my prayers, thanks for sharing that.

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