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blood in urine


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Has anyone experienced this? I see it is listed as a side effect of my chemo, but my last chemo was a number of weeks ago. It's not the time of the month thing ( I know... too much information!). And I'm thinking it would not be scar tissue from radiation (but it seems a bit more than just blood...)I will be phoning clinic tomorrow morning to ask about. Am somewhat concerned though and would appreciate hearing from anyone who has experienced similar. thanks for your help, PM me please if you don't want to share with all.

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Definitely contact the clinic, blood in the urine can be a symptom of many things, not all of them leading to cancer medication side effects. If it's just a trace and there's no pain or fever, you can probably wait until morning - if you are whizzin' tomato juice, you may want to visit the ER tonight.

Bloody urine could be a kidney stone, hepatitis...so many other "not good" things... Yep, get it checked out - and if it's really on your mind, get it checked out yet tonight.

Good luck!

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also an infection that could be

treated with medicarion.

A bening cyst on the bladder

or one on the kidney.

Two of my friends had blood in their

urine, one was a cyst on the kidney,

she had breast cancer and did not take a

chance and had the kidney remove,

the other one was had a cyst on

the bladder, they bruner it.

Both were bening.

But they saw their doctor right away

and were directed to an urologist.

Best of luck.


Good luck.

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Yep, you need to call your doc. It could be infection of some kind. I don't know that I would be toooo concerned if it's chemo related. Keep us posted.

Sandra, I want to mention to you that a very dear friend of mine and he also is a member of LCSC (not often because he's busy enjoying life) :wink: is a long term lung cancer survivor and he too lives in your area.

He has an In Person Lung Cancer Support Group. Some of our older members remember David P. He's a 27 years lung cancer survivor.

Let me know if your intereseted. I've already given him a heads up.

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Hi Sandra....

Many moons ago I had blood in the urine...way before I was dx...went to the uroligist...he did a cystoscopy everything was fine...kept checking with him for years...till it finally went away and nothing came of it...but that's not to say..don't have it checked...YES..you must...like other's said it can come from many many things...and maybe just nothing like me....Good luck but please have it checked right away so you won't worry...


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thanks everyone for your help. I consulted with the cancer clinic this morning. And then went and had urine checked. Turns out it is a "normal" bladder infection. I've never had one of those before. I am kind of embarassed that I panicked last night. I guess I just don't know what is normal anymore. I'll try to think first before blasting off a post next time.

thanks Connie re info on David. I am aware of his story and he spoke at a Lung Cancer Awareness Day that we had here last November. We have a lung cancer support group here in Victoria and I think he sometimes attends that. I haven't yet met him in person but maybe I will if he drops in for that. We don't have a huge turnout at our support group though...and I originally thought there just weren't too many people with LC at our clinic. I'm told yes there are many, but most not healthy enough to attend. So, I am just darn pleased that I do feel good enough to get myself there. And also pleased to have found this website and you good people who rush to help when needed.

thanks all and have a great weekend

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