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Here we go again


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Well BEAR POOEY!!!! I will start radiation on the spot on my T2 thoracic area spine in the next week or so and will also begin receiving a monthly injection of Zometa. There are a few more smaller spots in the lumbar area and we will be doing more frequent PET scans to keep a watch on them. Thanks folks.

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Judy, your BEAR POOEY is not exactly what entered my mind as I read your post. I certainly am sorry to hear you're climbing back into the saddle for another ride :? . Glad the 'spot' will be taken care of AND glad to hear of additonal PETS to make sure all else remians under close watch.

Those on this LC ride certainly get more than our money's worth at times, huh? You know we'll all be hoping for the best for you and I'll be sure to keep you in our prayers as well. Good luck with the radiation. Sorry it has to be.


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Judy, so sorry you have to do this again. My sclc has gone to the bones in my pelvic area and I am on Taxol for 4 months and a monthly infusion of Zometa (to strengthen my bones). My insurance company will not approve a PET for sclc, only nsclc so I guess my husband and I will pay for it.

My docs have not said anything about radiation yet, just the chemo. I am praying that the radiation will work for you.

Take care,

Nancy B

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I'm sorry you have to have treatment again. My mom had radiation to her sternum and it was better pretty quickly. She also gets Zometa infusions monthly - side effects for her is a general achyness (is that a word?) Hope all goes well. You're in my prayers.



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