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Gratitude - February 2nd 2008-


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Saturday and week end

starting, enjoy it.

Grateful for this substitute family,

Grateful for the good wishes.

Ry it is 80..........


Gratitude bestows reverence,

allowing us to encounter

everyday epiphanies, those

transcendent moments of awe

that change forever how we

experience life and the world.

(John Milton)


Have a good day.


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Geez Jackie- you're not supposed to tell your age. In my family that is a big no no. My grandmother was 5 years older than my grandfather and hid it until she died. When he found her birth certificate and realized she went 5 years without collecting social security just to keep the ruse going....well it's a good thing she was already dead. :shock: Anyway-- you look marvelous for 80. :wink:

So... I am grateful for a night out tonight at my favorite restaurant with my friend Marsha. I'm going to toast to Jackie's big day.

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Happy Birthday Jackie!

Grateful for sunshine and for my friend Susanne. Ran into her at Trader Joe's this morning, and in her typical fashion, she spontaneously invited me to dinner with she and her family tonight. Looking forward to it.

Grateful that I finally found a piece of Bill's clothing that I can cuddle with and actually find comfort -- an old leather bomber jacket.

As always, grateful for Jackie and others on the board.

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