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Question from Mom


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Hello all!

I haven't been on in a while as we have been busy getting mom her treatment. She just had her last dose of cisplatin on Monday and has about 8 radiation sessions left. She is tired and weak but doing her best to get through the end of this. Her question to you all is when will she start to fell "normal" again? And when will her tastebuds get back to normal? It has been a chore for her to eat. Any input would be appreciated!!

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone!

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After she completes all her treatments she will start to feel somewhat human about 2 months or so down the road. This is a SLOW GO!

I'm guessing the radiation is causing her taste buds to go out of wack! It did that to me. Tell her to take two steps back and relax and rest. She's going through some very harsh and heavy treatments.

In short, I'll say she has a month to two months to go.

Best of luck to your mom. Tell her to hang in there, this journey is very doable and can be beat. I did it for over 12 years. She can too!

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hey there. I have just recently completed pretty much the exact same treatments, same drugs, 30 radiation treatments, etc. My last 2 rounds of chemo though were after not during radiation.

I did not suffer really from radiation. Maybe a bit tired.

The chemo definitely got me though, and my tastebuds for sure not to mention my mood. I found I bounced back from chemo about a week after though. Best advice I got I think, was to drink, drink, drink tons of water. And if able to exercise, do it. I know exercise really helped me through my treatments.

The bottom line is though, that everyone is different and will recover from treatments in their own time. I think I was very lucky in not suffering too badly.

I hope your mom starts feeling better soon.

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YOu amy also want to try gargling or rinsing with 1 teaspoon of Baking soda in an 8 oz glass each day. this counters the Acid taste in the mouth. Just a thought though. Might help.

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