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some not so good news


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Ricks cousin Nell just had a stroke. She can not talk right now and is being treated for clots, but when they did the scans on her they found a mass on one lung.

Fast forward to today- We've just heard the news and a bunch of stuff I don't know has already happened, but now this means she had a stroke and she has lung cancer.

I might go see her this week sometime...she is about 3-4 hours away.

She used to live here in the area and we saw her often but she decided once she hit 60 that she would retire to the "country"...I am going to try to talk her brother into moving her to MD Anderson in Houston where they have lung cancer specialist center instead of leaving her in a small town hospital.

Rick's adoptive dad is 45+ years older than Rick, so his cousins are "older", kind of old fashioned and set in their ways...don't know what is going to happen next. She is not married now and her only daughter and grandchildren are in CA.

This is sad news for us since Nell is such a fiesty sweet lady who was kind to me and my kids. Would appreciate a prayer if there are any to spare.

Thank guys,

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Oh no Katie! Praying for Nell. I hate this disease. It strikes way too often.

As far as the stroke goes, are they going to try to determine if it was caused by the LC? It might indicate a hole between the chambers of her heart. This was something they tried to determine when Charlie was diagnosed because he had 2 mini-strokes at the time. I guess they wanted to make sure they treated any heart complications, too.

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Ah Katie girl.........sometimes it seems it absolutely pours bad news ~ not just rains it, huh? And it also seems that some us most certainly get caught with no umbrella. Thoughts and prayers for you all at this time. Give Rick my best as well. And let us know when you know anything further.



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Thanks everyone. Well I did talk to her brother extensively about my experience as an LC advocate and let him know what kinds of questions he can ask, and what treatments are available, etc...I also recommended some other hospitals with LC specialist and LC experience.

He said he was speaking again with the doctor on Satuday and would call me back.....It's Monday now and I've not heard anything so I will take it that they will do things his way and stay in the tiny one-horse town and he is declining any help from us.

At least we tried.

All she has is our prayers. I still plan to travel to see her, though, it might break my heart.

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I just learned that our sweet cousin Lorene (Nell) passed away today.

My heart is so sad.

She was the ONE person on that side of the family who was "real" and just genuine in her love of us and our children.

First, my dad passes away from lung cancer

Then my mom suddenly has a stroke and dies,

and then Nell has a stroke AND lung cancer and passes away from that!

That's my 3's. No more for us. Can't take anymore.


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