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Scan results this Wed. UPDATED 2/6


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Hi all. Thanks so much for all the prayers! Well the oncologist came in the room and said the CT scan looks good! The mass in upper right lobe is better. Because there is some pneumonia (I'm thinking from the radiation?) it is hard to say how much it might have shrunk, but he said if you put the new picture on top of the old one, it is smaller. There is some necrosis of the mass as well. He said this is all good news. No new masses in the lung, but there is some thickening of fluid in the lower lung and her liver enzymes are a little abnormal. He did not seem overly concerned about this yet though. She will continue with Alimta and Zometa tomorrow. So phew! Thanks again all! It was bad enough having the scanxiety, but with the horrible snowstorm we're having today, getting there was a bit nerve racking.

Does anyone have any insight on the thickening fluid or abnormal liver enzymes?


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Good to hear that the mass is smaller... I don't know about the liver enzymes. I do know that my husband had a problem and developed a condition called pneumonitis in the lung due to the Alimta... it is a possible side effect. It showed as a "ground glass opacity " on CT scan and he became short of breath gradually and then all of a sudden it was acute. He was put on prednisone and taken off the Alimta. I am not saying that is your mom's case and I certainly wouldn't want to alarm you, but if she has increasing or severe shortness of breath , don't ignore it.. It could be pneumonitis which is treatable , especially if caught early.


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