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mom is worse evey day


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last thursday my mom was admitted into the hospital because she was short of breath and loss complete function of her right arm. she had a ct scan and an mri and discovered that the same tumor on her upper right lobe has gotten much bigger and is pressing against her spinal cord. the next day her walking was wobbly and the next day she lost complete function of both legs. she cannot feel the urge to urinate and is constipated. she is so depressed. she is now getting 10 radiation treatments and 3 imrt treatments. the dr told me and my dad that these treatments may help relieve a little but not guaranteed. she has been rejecting the last 3 chemos and does not think any will take. he also said that most patients with sclc live 7-11 months and she is at 1 and 1/2 years. basically we are praying for a miracle. i feel so helpless and cannot stand watching her go down sooooo fast. i am so scared. thanx for letting me vent. it really does help to type . i go from the hospital to the computer every day. i am praying for everybody.

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