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Donation Classified -- New Link at the top of page....


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I have added a donation classified link at the top of the page. This will allow members with extra books, wheelchairs and etc. to share with other members. This is for free items in which members are willing to share with others.

I know when my father-in-law was in need of a wheelchair, we had to wait almost 2 months to get one, so we just bought one. Many people dont have that luxury at all times and this is a place that we can all come together to support each other.



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I think this is a wonderful idea.

Now I have a question about medications.

When Randy died, I was left with about $7000 worth of medication at the house. I was told I could not return it nor could I find any place that I could donate it to for someone else to use. To me it was such a waste. As you can see the medications were expensive. We had to cover the cost on some of it but even so, I know that the Lovenox itself was worth $500.00 a shot and I had 20 doses of it here at the house. Then there was the ms cotin, the cumidin (4 dosage levels), the cough meds, and all the rest. Does anyone know of an organization that could have used this? I did dispose of all the medications I had. But it was a shame to see it go down the toilet. Some I was able to give to my sister in law who happened to need the lovenox after some surgery she had, but the rest went. Does anyone know anything about this. I am sure there are laws that I broke by giving the stuff to my SIL but I felt safe that she would not report me. I think of all the people who don't have the money or the insurance to cover all this stuff who could have a benefit from these items.

At the time, I was in no shape to deal with all the government BS.

What are your thoughts?


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I wish we could offer a place to help with the meds however due to legal issues we cannot.

This is such a waste.... I will look into seeing what can be done about this issue..

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Guest Karen C.

When I was in infertility treatments - and talk about expensive meds . . . - I remember there was some nonprofit that would accept unused fertility drugs and reissue them. I will see if I can remember what that was. We're talking injectables that can cost about $4,000 a month (but you only need them for a month each time you try).

Karen C.

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