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A post I want to share


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This might be entirely self-serving, and if that's the case, I sincerely apologize. In an attempt to "hear" Bill earlier, I searched this site for his posts. The first one I found was the best one to have found. It was a day when he was especially strong (thanks in HUGE part to Connie B).

To read the thread, click this link:

http://lchelp.org/l_community/viewtopic ... &highlight

I was not only struck by the strength, faith and resilience of my husband, but of the same qualities in all of the survivors and many loved ones who responded in honesty. I won't attempt to list the names that come to mind, because in my fog, I'm sure to leave someone out.

I think sometimes it might help as we grieve our loved ones to remember their amazing, amazing strength and what they endured trying to stay here with us.

And if anyone has writings from other loved ones, I for one would be honored to read them.

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As Ned just said, I love your posts. Bill was an incredible man...And his strength was and is remarkable. As is yours.

On a different note, I find myself reading these posts from January 2007 and I am struck by where my family was at this point last year. So unaware that everything we knew to be true--and everything we cherished was about to be taken from us just 3 short months later. My god. It is so painful to think about.

My thoughts are with you.



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I'm constantly trying to remind myself that cancer was not the only thing that defined my mom--hardly. I'm trying to break out of the last couple of years...particularly the last few months of those years...and remember everything else she was about.

It's good to revisit strong and healthy times. I think it is healthy for us as well!


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Wow -- I'm also having a serious case of deja vu reading this thread. I remember it so clearly, yet it was begun over a year ago!

Your Bill was a remarkable man and so eloquent. He and I also shared some emails that I think he forwarded to you. His insight was amazing and I treasured his posts/emails.

Big Teary Hugs,


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I remember when I read of Bill's passing, I went back and read many of his posts (I was pretty much in the "Grief" forum and not following any of the other forums). I remember thinking how hard it was to believe that this incredibly articulate, warm, insightful (and yes, funny!) person was no longer with us. What a blessing to have his words and his insights for all to see.

Thanks for sharing...

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Terri I just reread that post and all the responses. Just seeing Bill's face brought back so many memeories of what a talented man he was with an insite that was unsurpassed.

He did send me the complete set of DVD's of the 5th season of 24. He was so special.

I wish I would have know him in the physical.

Peace be with you sweetie... my heart to yours...



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