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Headaches and earache again, much fatigue. This 5th chemo was a disappointment in terms of recovery. Haven't really felt great since day two so I'm really digging for funny.

Somtime shortly after my dx, I was talking on the phone with an old friend from High School in NJ. She and I share a similar sense of humor and were making as much light as we could over my situation. She came through with the best line this time--she said "you're going to be just fine and if anybody asks about that IIIB, just tell them it's your bra size." Good, huh?

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I was a stage IIIB, but I gotta tell you, I just had open heart surgery a little while back and my left boob swelled up like a BALLOON perhaps a (IIIB)! You REALLY Don't want to be a IIIB in the boobs! NOPE NOPE NOPE! :shock::roll::lol::lol: But then again, maybe there's something to be said for having two the same size?? :shock::roll: LOL!

My left boob was clear in color. Not a pretty sight! :shock: Oh, it's all better now, must be back down to a IA. :lol::wink:

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Hi Ladies - this little funny line isn't about boobs, but it sure made me smile the other day. I saw it in a valentine's day card....

Men are like chocolates, stay away from the nutty ones and don't go for the ones that someone else put back! hahahahahahaha.

Hope this at least made you smile

Oh - and Patti, I am right there with you and the IV boobs! Whew! :lol:

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Colleen: Good one. I had to check out the "Just for Fun" forum after opening and reading a really offensive email from someone I consider really intelligent but inexplicitly really racist. This involved Denmark that I recently saw named the country with the happiest people and am trying to choose to not believe the stuff I read there that are allegedly happening to that wonderful country because of immigrants who refuse to assimilate. Yuck.

I like the funny valentine!

Judy in Key West

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