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Tennesse and Arkansas Roll call


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hoping our members in Tenn/ Ark neighborhood will check in with us when possible. I know thing were very rough last nite and we DO HAVE PEOPLE ANd FRIENDS in that part of the worlds so asking for tehm to let us know or if we can check on them would be great.

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If anyone can think or knows of anyone pleasse PM them or call. The one that comes into my head is Pewjumper and Mom Kathy and already sent them a PM to check in with us. IF YOu can think or know any one please contact. there were over 50 fatalities from these storms and entire communities have been destroyed!!!!!!!!!!!

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Didn't realize you'll were looking for us. Sorry!

East TN was not impacted like middle and west TN. Pewjumper, his mom, Bruce and I are all in East TN. We should all be fine.

We need to here from Jamie in Memphis, though. Not sure about Arkansas and other nearby states.

THanks for thinking about us. Take care.

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Hey Guys! We are okay here.. Sorry, I have been out of state and just got home. I was extremely worried about my family cause the tornado hit the Hickory Mall about 4 miles from our house. All is well and I am so sorry for the delayed response. My sister lives in Arkansas and they were hit very hard. Towns totally wiped out...Soo sad!!

I'm keeping all those families in my prayers...

God Bless

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Thanks for everyones concern. That is one of the many reasons I am a member of this group. I got your PM Randy. Like Tina, I am in East Tennessee. We had some pretty nasty winds etc but no damage here.

On the other hand, I was considering driving to Nashville this past weekend. Someone was definalty looking out for me.

Hope the others check in shortly and are OK. Every one here knows what prayer can do as it has helped so many of us along this journey. Lets remember these people in our prayers. Wish I could go down and personaly help with the cleanup and I would too. Everybody take care.

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