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Any Advice on Taking Dog To Hotel


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Hi guys-I haven't been on much-trying to get things all set for today. We are leaving @ 3:30 after the kids get done school. My Mom is getting her chemo-embolization tomorrow morning @ Hopkins.

My question is-Does anyone have any suggestions on taking your Dog with them to a hotel/vacation? We are staying @ a very nice hotel right on the water in the harbor-Pier 5-they are all about being pet friendly. I have never taken any of my dogs to a hotel before. My fear is while we are taking Mom to the hospital/walking around down-town etc....the maid will get into the room to clean or something and Jake will get out :evil:

I am going to make sure to tell them we don't want maid service or anyone entering the room under any circumstances- but you know how things happen.....

Anyhow-any suggestions would be great....

I plan on walking him a lot down there so he will be nice and tired while we are not in the room with him.

I'll keep you guy's posted when we return....

Have a good weekend everyone.


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I want to know where you are staying that is pet friendly, Dar. Maybe you could PM me that info?? I'd LOVE to take Teddy. And I think close to Hopkins there are some nice places to visit, aren't there?

Now to your question. The only place we've taken Teddy was to Avalon, NJ, when we stayed at a neighbor's summer house there. I was worried about leaving him alone. Now Teddy is VERY well behaved and does nothing naughty. But being in a new place.......well......one never knows. We took his crate along (which he really never uses, but seems to like from time to time) and were we ever glad. That gave him security, we think. Now it was a hassle since Teddy is large. I don't think quite as large as Jake, but large nonetheless, and his crate is HUGE. We could, however, still fit our luggage and 'stuff' even with the crate ~ a pain though, taking it apart and setting it up. But, I must add, well worth the effort. Oh ~ almost forgot ~ took along some of his favorite toys too :lol: !

So, Dar, not sure you would have room, but I think that would be my suggestion, which was the perfect solution for us.

And I want to wish you good luck at Hopkins. That is some place, isn't it? I've been there with two different friends with two different cancers. I was impressed both time. It's only about 1-1/2 hours from here. How long a drive for you? How long will you be staying?

I sure am hoping this prove's to be mom's ticket to ride!!!! Will be anxious to hear updates.


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I have little dogs, but I also take a crate or put them in the bathroom in the very least. If I do that, I take a baby gate because I feel like they would be happier if they could see out. But my lil dogs are yappy, so I try not to leave them in the hotel. Good luck to you all. We will be praying for you!

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Another option for you would be to board you dog somewhere near Hopkins. Check the internet for boarding, kennels, etc. and look for something special that offers play time, walks, etc. If you check out Dulles Gateway Kennels in northern VA, you'll see what I'd be looking for in a kennel. That's too far from Hopkins for you, tho.

Otherwise, take a crate, toys, treats, etc. and plan on walking the dog as often as possible. Are you staying close to Hopkins?

Guess you can't act on any of this since you're leaving shortly. Have a good trip. Best wishes for your Mom and your gorgeous dog.


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Thanks Guys...

Kasey-We are staying @ Pier 5 Hotel in baltimore

Here is the link http://www.harbormagic.com/Pier5/pier5_default.asp?SP=

Actually they are affiliated with 2 other hotels and they promote that they are dog friendly-I called to make sure there was no weight limit... ha ha!!

Actually there are plenty of pet friendly hotels, resorts etc...nowadays-I think people realize finally that they are more than pets. Considering the USA Spends nearly 40 billion a year on our furry friends.....

Muriel-Actually I have never put any of my dogs in a kennel-that is the purpose of getting a pet friendly place to stay so he can come with us. When I had my other 2 Akitas we converted our garage into a kennel whenever we went away and had a run off the back of it-my Mom would come over and feed them and let them out....yes I am one of those crazy Dog Owners!!

They are part of our family and we love our big old

Slobber Dog :D

I have all his toys-bones etc....and I plan on taking many long walks along the harbor with him...he makes for great conversation with people.

Talk to you when we get back


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Hi again-Kasey- I didn't answer any of your other questions. It's about 2.5 hours from us-we are leaving shortly and will be there in time to eat dinner and get back up to the room to watch LOST @ 9 :lol:

Hopkins is massive.....from the very beginning these people have been great. Her Dr's @ Penn haven't even called after I left a message that she would be stopping her chemo for the time being.... :x

She's just another statistic to them unfortunately.

I'll keep you posted..


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I do not travel with any pets, but I do not like anyone

cleaning my room during a hotel stay, I just put the

do not disturb sign on my door and get towels from

the maid as I need them. I am just funny that way.

So far my requests have been honored and I have been

doing this for years. Maybe this approach would work

for you.

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Ditto what Debbie said. We have a dog and when we traveled to Vegas and back for the winter months, we would stay at Best Western Hotel's because 90% of them allowed big dogs. If we went somewhere and left Dawson in the room, we would put the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door. Never had a problem with that in over 4 years.

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Hi Dar,

Don't have a dog but wanted to wish you good luck. First for your mom and next for your dog. I hope all works out for you.

Will be thinking of her and sending good vibes.

Good Luck all around.

Maryanne :wink:

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The front desk shpuld tell house keeping but Daisy alsways had a Big woof for anyone who knocked on the door to clean and we had an emergency cleanup bag Just in case. PLus we left note on door. DISTURB AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!! :lol::lol::lol:

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