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Around 4 or so years ago I started developing man boobs. Not real big but it was obvious.My wife wife liked to rib me about them and we often made jokes about my boobs altho I actually didnt think it was funny but thought it was a sign of aging.After my surgery and chemo my boobs disapeared and we forgot all about them.About 3 weeks ago I read an article about the symptoms of lung cancer and developing male boobs can be one of them. So now I catch myself looking at my boobs all the time. But for differant reasons.I never thought I would see the day when I was worried about my boob size. :D

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Well, since you bring up the subject, Mike.........I never had much in that department. Why, even my own mother said that she was never really THAT small (meaning as small as MY size)!!!! I guess LC has helped me 'develop' so to speak. I will NOT give away any numbers ~ let's just say reduction surgery is sounding good to me :roll: !

BTW.....don't they have 'man' bras???? Wasn't there a Seinfeld show (or some show) that was all about that???



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Right Kasey, it was Seinfeld and they called it a "mansiere."

As for me, I never had much (except when I was pregnant) and when I was in my early 20's, my brother, who always seems to find the funniest or most offensive things to give people, got me a t-shirt for my birthday. On the front of the t-shirt were two fried eggs!!!! :evil:

Patti B

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Not sure if I should even get involved in this post but oh well.. After lobectomy one boob was swollen up and the other was normal. So not even your "man's bra " would have helped me. Looked silly either way.

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