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It's Time for our Rich to Check in

Connie B

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Hi Connie,

Thanks for asking-- doing all right all things considered. Problems more with other health issues that are slowing me down and not able to keep up with things like I used to. My next Ct Scan is on March 10th then I see the oncologist on the 20th to see how things are going with my lung cancer. Making the best of the situation, could always be worse. Again thanks for asking.

Take care and I hope your feeling better,


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Yo Rich good to see you posted. I hope you other problems deminishes and you start to feel better.

Sorry to hear you are having problems. But I love your attitude that it could be worse. Miss you here...

Maryanne :wink:

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Ah Rich, I sure am hoping (praying as well) that you can get some answers to the 'other' issues you're facing. I know that your spirits are always good. Hopefully the docs can get a handle on some things and make them even better! Always so wonderful to 'see' you.


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Hey Rich, Your a sight for sore eyes! :wink: I don't like when you don't pop in and post often, makes me nervous! Sorry to hear about the OTHER health issues, but I sure can relate.

Funny how we beat the crap out of our cancer and become long term cancer survivors and then BAM we get his with a slooooo of other major hearlth issues. It's always SOME'EM! :roll: But, we're still here and able to chit chat about it so that's a GOOD THING! It's Another Great Day To Be Alive!

Sending prayers and positive vibes your way my friend! Hang in there, your one of the STRONGEST PEOPLE I KNOW! :wink: Not to mention DETERMIND!!!! :wink:

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