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Newbie here... Step-father has SCLC and prostate cancer


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Hi everyone.

My step-father was diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer almost four years ago. Since then, he's been enrolled in various clinical trials through UNC Hospital and the NIH. Last August, we received devastating news. Not only was he fighting prostate cancer, but spots of SCLC were cropping in his body, also. The prognosis didn't look good, but he remained and still remains positive. Since we were told that the SCLC is extensive and more aggressive than the prostate cancer, he began first line treatment for the SCLC and put his prostate cancer treatment on the back burner. So far, he's received standard chemo and radiation, but the tumors are still growing. This week, he began treatment with Topotecan. We hope he can tolerate it... and that it will work.

I'm so glad I found this board. My family is really scared.

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Welcome to our board. We have many members on the same chemo so hopefully they will give you some information on how it is working. SCLC responds well to chemo and we have several long term survivors here. I am glad you found us.


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IF you need something Medical we do have a Lung Cancer Oncologist from Washington State, Dr West on our board. He is at Onctalk.com. Registration is free and many of us here are also there.

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Welcome, CJ. I must say that your stepfather has certainly had much more than his share of cancer to deal with!!! I'm really sorry about that. Sounds as if the docs are getting a jump start on the LC and that is a good thing. There's been good response to chemo with SCLC and most likely there won't be negative reslults taking the break from the prostate cancer for the time being.

Keep us updated on how he's doing. If you read in the SCLC forum you will find lots of info.


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